• state: Germany, Mecklenburg - Vorpommern
  • administrative district: Vorpommern-Greifswald
  • city: Wolgast

  • transport connection
  • inland and coastal shipping
  • trunk road 111/110
  • motorway 20
  • railroad
  • airport Heringsdorf


facts and figures at a glance

Wolgaster Hafengesellschaft

This site contains information on aspects of the easternmost German seaport Wolgast.

Geographic location of the Port of Wolgast
The city of Wolgast situated at the Peene river mouth is a seaport with long-standing traditions. The favourable infra- and suprastructure of the port guarantee its high efficiency. The direct access to the inland waterways system of Central and Western Europe, the direct linking to the rail traffic net of the Deutsche Bahn AG and the immediate vicinity of the A-20 Motorway have put us in the enviable position to serve Your logistic requirements. In 2008 it is planned to deepen the northern Peene-Strom on 7.50 ms. Thus will substantially improve the economic capacity of the port and enables better conditions for the shipbuilding industry.

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flight along the river Peene

Luftbild Peene

nautical chart

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